Built for maximum operational efficiency

By co-locating at renewable energy sites in a fully autonomous temporary structure, Powerbox is uniquely able to disrupt the cost stack of traditional data centres. This strategy drastically reduces expenses associated with facility maintenance, building requirements and non-computing equipment.

The majority of operational expenditure is channelled directly into revenue generation assets (computing power), rather than into surrounding layers of infrastructure.

To compound this, the price of the energy behind that expenditure will be the lowest available, resulting in extremely high cost efficiency.

Operational Expenditure Breakdown
Traditional Data Centre vs Powerbox

Based on consolidated data centre cost breakdowns contributed by AMD, Dell, Google, Intel, Microsoft, et al. Source: White Paper by Jonathan Koomey Ph.D

Operating effectively with intermittent energy sources

Each Powerbox provides a 1.5 MW maximum load, autonomously ramping power draw to match available energy in real-time. In order to maximise the computing uptimeUptime is simply the portion of time Powerbox is receiving enough energy to be operational and earn revenue of Powerbox deployments, the sizing sweet spot must be determined, i.e. how many units to install.

Adjust the installation sizing slider below to understand how the scale of a Powerbox fleet relative to site capacity affects return on investment through uptime.

Counter-intuitively, intermittent energy sources can reliably support computing uptimes exceeding 70% — our operational data has revealed this to be the ideal balancing point between CAPEX and revenue. In this illustrative example, installing four Powerbox units operating in local mode would result in computing uptime of 73.5%.

0.0% Computing Uptime

Installation Sizing
Number of Powerbox units

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Available Wind Energy
Combined Powerbox Draw
Expected power draw reaction time over 30 hours of turbine data from enercon e-44 wind assets in orkney, scotland. Simulation characteristics are based on actual Powerbox performance data at the site. Illustrative purposes only.

Sell power off-grid, beat the electricity market

Provide clean energy for HPC applicationsDistributed High-Performance Computing networks including blockchain, artificial intelligence / machine learning, visualisation and modelling with earnings per MWh completely decoupled from local wholesale electricity prices. Make use of energy that would otherwise be undervalued or impractical to generate and store.

With expected increased volatility in the energy markets, having a revenue source on-site decoupled from wholesale prices will provide more and more value in future.

computing revenue
uk wholesale electricity price
Sources: N2EX Day Ahead Market / Blockchain.com, Lake Parime

Commercial plans


For utility scale installations

Own Powerbox units outright, earning revenue directly from the HPC applications you power. Lake Parime fully manages operations and maintenance, taking a fixed annual fee and performance based revenue share.


For up to 12MW capacity

Sell electricity to Lake Parime by entering into a fixed-tariff PPA with us, enabling generation during curtailment. Delivery, installation and operation is fully managed by us at zero cost to you.