Model your site

Adjust the controls below to approximate your site capacity and operating costs. Our proposal will update instantly, giving you a better understanding of our value proposition.

Energy Source

For wind turbine installations in Local mode, we assume an average uptime* of 75%

Operation Mode

Computing uptime is maintained as long as possible by using all available locally produced energy regardless of curtailment

Site Capacity


0MW 100MW

Capacity Factor


10% 100%

Expected monthly Curtailment The proportion of your generation that is expected to be curtailed


0% 50%

Nominal Cost of Curtailment The nominal cost of Powerbox using curtailed energy at your site

$ 10.00 / MWh

$0.00 $50.00

Input Energy Cost Average revenue per MWh you would normally expect to earn from your energy assets, or from a Power Purchase Agreement with the wholesale market

$ 20 / MWh

$10 $70

Grid Import Price If Powerbox is set to operate in Max mode, energy will be imported at this price when necessary to maintain a near-constant computing uptime

$ 10 / MWh

$20 $300

* in our model 'uptime' refers to the percentage of time that computing resources inside Powerbox are receiving power, operational and earning revenue

Our proposal

What you could expect from a Powerbox deployment according to your inputs is shown below. The model assumes installation of one or more Powerbox DC-1500 units with a maximum computing capacity of 1.5MW, over a 36 month Enterprise Plan, figures are illustrative only.

$11.08m Annual Gross Profit
1 year Payback Period
Expected Annual Margin
Revenue $ 12.85 m
Costs $ 0.94 m
Profit Margin 86 %
189.7% 3 year ROI
Proposed Deployment
Powerbox Units 5
I.T. Capacity 7.5 MW
Upfront Costs $ 11.47 m
136.6% IRR

Disclaimer: this model does not constitute an offer or solicitation of an offer to engage with Lake Parime in a Powerbox Enterprise Plan or any related product. All figures should be considered illustrative. Revenue estimates are based on market assumptions at the time of writing (March 2021) and as such are subject to change. All Powerbox Deployments will require a relatively small amount of local auxiliary power to function, regardless of desired operation mode.

What's included

Powerbox and all related hardware components are outdoor-rated for a wide range of conditions, if you expect particularly extreme weather at your site, costs and assumptions may vary, please contact us for more detailed information.

Component Included
Data Centre System
Modular Data Centre
Communications and Power Hub
Thermal Management System
Pre-Wired Cabling
Power Management System
AC Circuit Breaker
Networking Equipment and Cables
IT Equipment
IT Servers
Server Management System
Component Included
Balance of Plant
Electrical Balance of Plant Transformer(s), substation(s), etc.
Civil Balance of Plant Foundation, fencing, etc.
Installation Works Unloading equipment on site, mechanical completion, electrical completion, wiring, etc.
System Meters
Services & Warranty
Delivery of the Equipment
Data Centre 5-year Warranty
IT Equipment 6-month Warranty
Preventative Maintenance
Customs Duty
Other Taxes and VAT