Zero maintenance,
remote operation

Fully managed solution

All Powerbox deployments are fully managed by Lake Parime, operation is autonomous and maintenance requirements are minimal.

Enhanced power management

Our purpose built control software deploys and withdraws IT resources to match available energy in real-time. Decisions are made second-by-second to ensure optimum performance, seamlessly transitioning back to grid export whenever required.

Support Global HPC Applications

Provide High-Performance Computing power remotely for Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Visualisation, Simulation and Modelling. Used by organisations involved in financial services, medical science, animation, industrial automation, aerospace, climate modelling, architecture and more.


Power Input 380 — 480 VAC 3-phase
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Cable Input 18 x 3-phase

2 x 1-phase (auxiliary equipment)
Maximum Load 1.5 MW
Auxiliary Power 2 kW
Backup Power 2 kW
Rack Height 42 U
Total Racks 18 x 19" (or 9 x 38" wide racks)
Load Per Rack Up to 76.6 kW (or 151.2 kW per wide rack)
Dimensions 12500 x 2440 x 3200 mm
Empty Weight 11500 kg
Max Weight 16500 kg
Operating Temperature -20 — 40 °C
Data 5G, 4G, Satellite (for remote locations)

Specifications provided are illustrative and may vary between revisions of the product

Modular, scalable & flexible

Each Powerbox unit provides a 1.5 MW maximum load. Our modular design allows multiple units to assemble together to suit installations of any scale. Powerbox units convene with each other autonomously, coordinating their actions as a fleet for maximum efficiency.