Zero Maintenance, Remote Operation

Fully managed solution

All Powerbox deployments are fully managed by Lake Parime, providing a plug-and-play solution with minimal maintenance requirements.

Enhanced power management

Our purpose built software effectively manages power use both within each Powerbox, and across multi-Powerbox fleets. The system ensures maximum optimisation of IT resources and smooth, uninterrupted export to continually fluctuating grid demands.

Support Global HPC Applications

Provide high-performance computing power remotely for Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Visualisation and Modelling. Used by organisations involved in medical science, industrial automation, aerospace, environmental modelling, financial services, architecture, animation and more.


Power input 400 VAC 3-phase
Nominal frequency 50 — 60 Hz
Maximum power 1.5 MW
Auxiliary power 2 kW
Backup power 2 kW
I.T. Capacity
U per rack 42
Total racks 9
Load per rack 151.2 kW
Dimensions 12500 x 2440 x 3200 mm
Empty weight 11500 kg
Max weight 16500 kg
Operating temperature -20 — 40 °C
Data Satellite, 4G
Protocols Modbus TCP/IP

Modular, Scalable & Flexible

Each Powerbox unit provides a 1.5 MW maximum load, ramping to match available local power in real-time with minimal on-site grid imports. A modular design allows multiple units to assemble a fleet, scaling to suit installations of any size while maintaining on-demand response to grid export orders at all times.